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  • Ihre Organisation möchte an einem Kooperationsprojekt im Teilprogramm KULTUR in KREATIVES EUROPA teilnehmen?

Die Praxis zeigt, dass dauerhafte Kooperationen durch persönliche Begegnungen zustande kommen. Die europaweite Datenbank des Creative Europe Desk Italy sowie einzelne veröffentlichte Projektideen sollen auf diesem Wege ein Hilfsmittel sein, um bei der Suche nach Projektpartnern zu unterstützen.

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Folgende Partnergesuche, die uns zur Verbreitung zugesendet wurden, richten sich gezielt an Kulturakteure aus Deutschland. Ziel ist eine Antragstellung im Programm KREATIVES EUROPA Teilprogramm KULTUR. Kontaktieren Sie bitte die angegebenen Ansprechpartner, sofern Sie Details erfahren möchten.

The New Theatre of the Disabled - Neįgaliųjų Naujasis teatras (Litauen)

Themen: Theatre, disabled and special needs, Cooperation of disabled an healthy professional actors

We are searching for:

The New Theatre of the Disabled seeks a partner for a joint project under Creative Europe Program, involving presentation of theatre plays, theatre coproduction, courses, trainings & workshops, cultural exchange, exchange of experiences, participation at international theatre festivals and tours for disabled and non-disabled.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

ATMEN/Françoise Tartinville (Frankreich)

Themen: Contemporary Dance, Architecture, Urbanism, Heritage, Social Link

This project brings together dancers, musicians, architects, researchers in the field of holography and the residents of a neighborhood. Based on contemporary dance, the aim of the project is to bond connections between scientific and artistic disciplines by creating a social link with the inhabitants of a neighborhood throughout an outdoor danced walk.

We are searching for:

Organizations which are specialized in the of fields of arts, architecture, urbanism, heritage and optic technology

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

Technical Museum Brno (Tschechien)

Themen: Music, Cultural Heritage, Interdisciplinary


  • Propagation of an almost forgotten craft: barrel organists
  • Meeting of barrel organists from other European countries, exchange of experiences, link between  their customs
  • Preserving of European heritage, remind it to the public and attract people
  • Popularize barrel organists like a busking and connect it with other street performances - alternative music, puppet theatre, juggling and so on.

We are searching for:

Organizations which are involved in clockwork playing machines and barrel organists, Musicians, Museum, Cultural Centre or association, Theatre. Any organization which runs festivals, workshops and conferences to safe heritage.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

France Balantič public library Kamnik (Slowenien)

Themen: Promotion and preservation of folk literary and oral heritage, integration of migrants

France Balantič public library Kamnik is the only public library in the area of the municipalities of Kamnik and Komenda. It is named after poet France Balantič (1921–1943), who was born in Kamnik.
Besides standard library services library is known for taking special care of preserving local oral traditions (like folk fairytales and leg-ends) and transmission of this part of our cultural heritage on younger generations via publishing books and organizing special activities, like Gašper Križnik Fairytale festival in Motnik (since 2011) and The Fair-ytale trails of Kamnik (since 2010). France Balantič public library Kamnik also organises free courses of Slovene language for foreigners.

We are interested to participate in projects concerning:

-  Promotion and preservation of folk literary and oral heritage

-  Assisting integration of migrants

We are searching for:

Public libraries and non profit organisations in EU-member states, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

La Foule d'eau - Melting Creatives: Co-creation in intercultural space (Frankreich)

Themen: Co-creation, Interculturality, Performing Arts, Arts, Research Action

"La Foule d'eau" is an itinerant space of co-artistic creation under construction dedicated to intercultural dialogue and action research. Our association is headquartered in Torcy, 20 km from Paris, aboard a barge.

The project

Why not turn an abandoned barge on the public domain of cultural, social and digital experimentation object on the territories of Europe? Nothing holds us to make this fallow after the fluvial and industrial heritage dedicated to the destruction and pollution of ecosystems, a collective laboratory for experimentation on intercultural dialogue, art and territorial action research.

Therefore, we propose the project «Melting Creatives: Co-creations in intercultural space» in the program "Creative Europe".

This is an action research project that aims to experiment with new artistic, economic and social models as part of the renovation of the barge "Cassard" abandoned on the Marne 20 km from Paris. We want to make it an itinerant space of artistic co-creation, participatory and inclusive as part of a group of European artists who choose to include in their creative process researchers, residents, local authorities, universities, amateurs, migrant artists ... and to imagine together to increase the range of possibilities. The question is: How to make an abandonned barge a space to explore inovative ways to create commons and empowerment on a multicultural territories?

We are searching for:

Performing art companies, researchers in sociology, anthropology and cognitive sciences, digital makers, and local authorities involved in artistic co-creation processes that enable the emergence of innovative social and cultural patterns.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

REDPLEXUS (Frankreich)

Themen: Performance, art in public space

A space of research, experimentation; confrontation and reflexion about performance, created by Ornic’art group of performers in 2007. Based in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille.
Objectives: To favour new forms of performance, crossing networks and disciplines focused on performances, organizing workshops, residencies and event

RedPlexus is interested in participative and immersive projects of performance and develops a work of research and experimentation about it. RedPlexus promote projects proposing to the audience an experience which could transform it , projects that re-create social links and federate publics.

The project

The project would be to favour immersive and participative artistic projects in urban space and to work with different publics included very precarious people, excluded of the circuits of culture and art. The project would encourage use of new technologies. New technologies allow to write artistic projects which transform the relation to the public and create an individualized relationship.

We are searching for:

Artistic structures or companies devoted to performance, mainly in public space, and focused on immersive and participative projects. Departments of universities or group of searchers interested in social transformation by action performance

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

Insertion site in the Abbey Saint André en Gouffern (Frankreich)

Themen: Insertion, formation, heritage, culture

The project:

Development of a cultural heritage classified MH (monument historique) in rural territory isolated for teaching building sites, cultural events and European exchanges.


Implementation of a partnership inbetween qualified companies – apprentices for an allying qualification uses the innovative techniques of today and the materials of the past to allow an appreciation and a social reintegration.

Installation of a network of exchanges and of divisions.

We are searching for:

Cultural and/or financial partners having experience in the valorization of a culturage heritage, supporting of the services innovating of the landscape and heritage in rural area, supporting the creation of twinnings for international promotion and experimentation of teaching initiatives of reintegration by the formation for people excluded from the society.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

VitaPark, Municipality of Odder, the project SAGN (Dänemark)

Themen: opera, dance, theatre, contemporary music, film, arts, songwriting, classical music, electronic music, visual art, interactive art

Municipality of Odder is contributing to Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017, with the project SAGN. The project is based on a new cultureplace for arts and culture in the old hospital of Odder.

The project

SAGN will examine new ways of developing the relationship between audience and artists. The audience in specific cities in Europe will therefore be drawn into the actual development of the performance, by inviting the public to share their local narratives and make the performances out of the local context. In this way SAGN will increase the access to and appreciation of our common cultural heritage. We would like to make a performance in each partners’ city. The performance can have different expressions (can also be exhibitions, concerts, etc). In Odder, Denmark, we are involving the whole city in the process. All children in our schools are working with local narratives. We are involving refugees, business communities, politicians, elderly etc. In the end the public will recognize themselves in the performance.

We are searching for:

Organizations/theatres/art-groups to be partners. Each partner should appoint 1-4 artists considered to be progressive creators and performers from the international art stage, to participate in the project. The artists will, based on the same framework of public involvement and collaboration, create a performance for each city during the period of 2017-2020. Partners can either join as a group working only in other countries or as representatives for a city in their country, where the performance can take place. The outcome will be a spectacular performance about the city building on local narratives. Elements from each performance will travel on to the next city and in that way a European hybrid work about our different cultures and narratives in Europe will be created.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

“George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău (Rumänien)

Themen: theatre, interdisciplinary art, telematic art, participatory art

The “George Ciprian” Theatre Buzău is one of the leading state-funded project theatres and festival venues in Romania. It is funded by the local council of the Buzău County. It is also a member of the NETA European platform: http://neta-network.org/membership/.

Telematic performance involves the use of real-time video-conferencing (e.g. Skype) and has the potential to connect different spaces across the world.


We aim to develop the genre of telematic participatory performance, contributing to research in the field of both participatory performance and digital art.

We wish to explore the dynamic of relationships between family members brought apart by distance, with all their factors of influence.

We wish to facilitate the audience’s engagement in the performance by means of participatory strategies, in order to increase the project’s impact and to diversify our audience.

We aim to create a European network of practitioners (both emergent and established) interested in telematic participatory performance who could continue to collaborate after the end of this project (they can be not only artists, but also engineers or IT experts who are interested in exploring telematics in the arts).

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 1. April 2016)  mehr


Themen: Music/Interdisciplinary…

ABC (ART BASICS for CHILDREN) is a non-profit organisation located in Brussels. Operating on the border of the arts and education, it is a lab for aesthetic experiences and creative awareness. We create stimulating environments and projects that encourage children and adults of all ages to experiment with their imagination and to explore their creative potential.

How do image and music influence each other, how do they enhance one another, how do we get color in music and sound in the image? These are just a few questions that we explore playfully in the mobile studio, ‘Visual Music’.

‘Visual Music’ is an umbrella term that covers a lot of ground: The original definition claims it is the, 'translation of music into paintings'. But Visual Music also covers: the use of musical structures in visual images methods that convert sounds / music into related visual presentations systems that instantly convert sounds / music to visual forms (film, video, computer graphics) by means of mechanical instruments or a computer; the reverse process is also possible, namely converting forms to music. The interactive ABC-studio for Visual Music invites children, families and art lovers of all ages to an artistic cross-over experience between music and painting, film, architecture and the daily life.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr


Themen: Literature/Interdisciplinary/Graphic Design…

The Visual literacy/Transbook mobile studio is a way for ABC to collaborate with children, attendants and cultural sector workers to establish an experience-oriented investigation into the best ideas related to visual literacy (interaction between word and image), the fun of language & the art of storytelling. ABC will then compile these experiences into a digital resource of tips and suggestions that can be used by (future) teachers, librarians, youth workers, parents etc.

This project is based in the hope that education and youth work can engage in creative and artistic ways of dealing with language and visual culture in a more structural way. In an age when we are overwhelmed by visual stimuli, both digital and print, this is not an unnecessary luxury.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

Future technology for today (Lettland)

Themen: Dance, Media, Internet

Project idea is to create website www.balticdance.eu – a platform for publishing dance art industry and dance culture events of the Baltic Sea region countries.

Currently news on dance culture events of Baltic Sea Region are fragmented / irregular and not easily found, because there is  no single source of information culture (each organization has its own website and it makes it difficult for consumers to find the necessary information), as well as the information mainly is available in local language and not suited for other countries readers.

There will be cooperation possibilities, unique project realizations which will be available in several languages. Together jointly creating and organizing projects outside the Internet.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr

Mille et une scènes (Frankreich)

Themen: Theatre, Cognitive Studies and Neuroscience, Foreign Language Teaching, Second Language Acquisition

The project aims, through both public and private institutions, to develop and validate a process of learning a foreign language working from a theatrically based pedagogy, through a scientific approach that integrates insights and techniques from neuroscience and cognitive science.

  • Create, produce, distribute professional and non-professional plays of a multi-linguistic nature (mainly French and English).
  • Organize workshops in acquisition of English through theatrical methodology. Theatrical language is used as a pedagogical tool to deliver multidisciplinary workshops and training.

Förderbereich: Kleine Kooperationsprojekte (Einreichfrist 5. Oktober 2016) mehr